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Engineering Contracting Services

We undertake a broad range of engineering contracts which include:

  • Installation and maintenance of lifts
  • Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) services
  • Children's playground
  • Park amenities


Lifts require a regular schedule of maintenance and repair to ensure their smooth operation. Besides regular maintenance and repair, our lift services include a 24-hour quick-response lift rescue and repair service.

Our team consists of over 100 dedicated skilled engineers and technicians. We are also the sole agent for the sale and installation of Brilliant Elevators. Brilliant Elevators is one of the largest lift and escalator manufacturers in China. Currently, we are maintaining BLT and KM Lifts.

With our excellent track record, we were awarded the 7th, 10th and 19th term contract for the HDB Lift Upgrading Projects comprising of 2,200 lifts.

Mechanical & Electrical Services (M&E)

Our engineering contract teams provide a full range of M&E maintenance services including the service, maintenance and repair of equipment such as lifts, water pumps, Emergency Battery Operated Power Supply (EBOPS) in the lifts.

Children's Playground Equipment

We have been an agent for Little Tikes' products since 1995. Acquired by PlayPower in 2004, PlayPower is the largest recreational play company in the world. We carry the products of other companies: Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, Hags Play, AB, Record RSS and SMP.

Our wide variety of products and services provide the convenience of one-stop shopping for your playground equipment and entertainment needs. See here for details.

Park Amenities

From different types of outdoor furniture to street lightings, our ranges of park amenities also include attractive European litter receptacles and fitness equipment. See here for details.