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Engineering Management Services

We conduct annual and 5-yearly inspections and testing of lifts. Our management services for M&E works for electrical installation owners include:

  • Inspecting
  • Testing
  • Applying for licenses

Annual & 5-Yearly Lift Testing

Under the Building & Common Property Rules, all lifts in Singapore must be inspected and tested annually (without load) and 5-Yearly (with load). This ensures that the lifts remain operationally efficient and safe.

Our team of professional engineers and technicians are well trained in this aspect of the work. We have contracts to inspect and test about more than 12,000 lifts annually. The latest computer technology is used to conducted the testing to ensure reliability and accuracy. Our Lift Authorised Engineers also certifies the test results, provide the certification and assist the owners in lodging their certificate of Lift Maintenance and Testing.

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Project Management

We provide management services for electrical rewiring work, water pump replacement, lift replacement and other M&E works.

Our project management services designs the system, draws the specifications for the tender. At the implementation stage, our engineers and technicians ensures that the contractors carry out the project. The project would be handed over to the owner after commissioning, thorough inspections and testing.

Inspection, Testing and Licensing of Electrical Installation

Under the Electricity Act, all non-domestic electrical installations with a load of greater than 45KVA require licensing.

Besides checking and maintaining all electrical installations to meet the licensing requirements, our engineers and Technicians also help electrical installation owners apply for licenses. The scope of work include 24-hour standby to attend to electrical breakdowns.