Being a Part of Our Family: Words from the CEO

June 11, 2020

“We are not just providing services; we are providing the core values to our customers.”

Those powerful words were quoted by none other than the CEO of EM Services, Mr Tony Khoo.

Mr Khoo acquired his degree of civil engineering, as well as his MBA in New Zealand. A jack of all trades, Mr Khoo has ventured in project management, marketing, engineering, energy management, IT before joining EM Services in November 2014 as the CEO.

He strongly believes that there are two main reasons why people should join the EM Services family.

First and foremost, working in EM Services enables one to make an impact on people’s lives. “We help to create a great environment for people to work, live, learn, and play,” he stated, “If you do a job well, then effectively you are serving the community, the people, the residents.”

Additionally, Mr Khoo emphasises EM Services’s promise to transform their employees to become a better person after joining. Its subsidiary, EM Learning, is a massive part of achieving it. “That is where we continuously teach our staff to be a better person, not just in terms of language, but also in terms of values,” Mr Khoo said. “So, while you’re contributing to the company, you also know that the company is helping you to develop you to be a better person.”

When asked on what makes EM Services stand out from other companies in the Facilities Management (FM) industry, Mr Khoo firmly believes it is because EM Services provides a wide array of businesses, Township Management, Engineering, Real Estate Management, etc… just to name some. Regardless of the type of service, every employee in EM Services consistently upholds the company’s core values. “We provide quality services and values to our customers, which is Professionalism, Integrity, and Care.”

Mr Khoo is proud of the positive work culture being instilled in the company.

“EM Services is a very big family. We look after one another, and we don’t leave anybody behind,” he said.

A closely knitted culture would, therefore, create an environment where workers are driven and motivated to work at.

In EM Services, employees can learn new things every day, mainly because the world is constantly evolving as well. “The technological industry is changing very fast,” he said. “As a company, we are exploring on how to leverage technology to make our services much more effective and proficient.”

Hence, Mr Khoo firmly believes that EM Services would be the perfect place for employees to learn and expand their craft. He reiterated the positive impact working in EM Services would bring to one. “When you learn new things, over a period of time, you’ll be a much better person in terms of knowledge and values,” Mr Khoo said, “I think this is what we like all our staff to feel when they join us.”

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