It is through a deep understanding of the real issues and challenges that our clients face in their daily lives, that we can develop innovative solutions and services for a positive environment.

Our clients benefit from a seamless experience through the engagement with our team of qualified engineers – with services ranging from a one-stop service consultancy, engineering contract to project management.

Our team of skilled professionals also conduct comprehensive assessments of existing facilities as part of evaluation and to ensure that recommended works are carried out effectively. We bring a wide range of service expertise to the environments we support, including but not limited to lift modernisation & replacement and maintenance of playground and fitness equipment.

Our experience and systematic approach ensure positive change and the highest level of quality, safety standards and effective cost savings.

Engineering Project Management & Consultancy

We provide project management and consultancy for mechanical & electrical services in a building such as electrical services, pumps and lifts. The services which we offer include condition survey (for capital equipment replacement), technical specifications preparation, and calling of tender and project management. Our in-house License Electrical Workers (LEW) are also involved in the annual shutdown and servicing of the electrical plants of our customers’ premises. We are a ME05 L6 (BCA Workhead on Electrical Engineering) company.

Lift & Escalator Supply, Install, Maintain & Test / Lift Rescue

We are one of the leading vertical transportation service providers in Singapore. We test and inspect about 15,000 lifts per year and we provide lift rescue services to about 18,000 lifts. We also supply and install lifts under our EM brand. We have over 2,300 lifts supplied and installed by us in Singapore. We have a team of skilled technicians to carry out the maintenance and repair of these lifts. We are a ME09 L6 (BCA Workhead on Lift & Escalator Installation) company.

Download Escalator Catalogue here


Playground & Fitness Equipment Supply, Install & Maintain

We are the pioneer in supplying outdoor plastic playground equipment. We have the largest playground installation base in Singapore with over 500 installations. Our playground products are for children aged 2 to 12, and they meet the latest international safety standards. We also have a substantial installation base of outdoor fitness equipment. We are the largest maintenance services provider for these equipment in Singapore.


Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) Supply, Install & Maintain

We supply, install and maintain ACMV systems. We carry out cooling plant upgrading or replacement to meet the latest Greenmark requirement. We have an after-sales team to help our clients to maintain the efficiency of their cooling system. We are a ME01 L4 (BCA Workhead for Air-conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation).

Electrical Testing & Maintenance Services

For the building of electrical services, we provide the maintenance of the electrical switchboards.

We also provide inspection and testing of lighting columns services to detect the corrosion, structural soundness of lighting columns and provide the owner with a peace of mind for their lighting assets.

Operations Command & Control Services

We operate a 24/7 call centre equipped with robust IT infrastructure that has the capability to take in cases (calls) on behalf of our customers and to deploy the relevant technical resources to resolve issues faced by the clients of our customers. We have the system to track all incoming calls, drop call rates and voice recordings to help in the improvement of our service quality. Our Customer Service Representatives are well-trained in quality service delivery with proper standard operation procedures to ensure that we are consistent in our service delivery. Our system is certified to ISO 22301:2012 on Business Continuity Management.


Tradesmen Services

We provide services to attend to the following faults:

  • electrical-related faults to common areas of buildings such as power failure due to tripping and faulty lights
  • plumbing & sanitary issues in the common facilities e.g. drainage chokages

Call Centre / Helpdesk Services

Call Centre:

We operate a 24/7 call centre equipped with robust IT systems with the capability to track and deploy relevant resources (tradesmen, contractors, S/POs, PMs, etc.). Our customer service representatives are well-trained in service delivery with proper standard operation procedures. Calls are answered within 6 rings most of the time.

Helpdesk Services:

We provide this service for companies to have a single point of contact for their customers to seek assistance or to provide feedback. Our customer service representatives will attend to calls round the clock.