A Refreshed Identity for an Exciting New Future

March 28, 2018

The idea of “Getting It Right, Together” is captured not only in EM Services’ refreshed identity, but also their day-to-day operations which emphasises on the importance of collaboration, as well as the sense of shared ownership for both environments and communities.

To commemorate the 30th year of its inception, EM Services is proud to unveil a refreshed identity and focus, as well as to announce the reorganisation of its business operations into three subsidiaries – EM Engineering, EM Real Estate and EM Learning.

Much of EM Services’ success stems from an innate understanding of the importance of collaboration, and a sense of shared ownership of both environments and communities. The refreshed identity symbolises this idea, and the stylised ‘M’ represents two ideas; partners standing side-by-side, but also a double checkmark that conveys the importance of “Getting It Right, Together.”  

In creating environments and communities that are vibrant and conducive for people to live, work, learn and play in, the staff in EM Services’ group of companies possess a wide range of professional skillsets outside of just Township Management. This significant and growing body of experience and expertise in estate management, has allowed EM Services to expand its offerings through the following subsidiaries:


Providing engineering products and services for reliability and sustainability, our team of qualified engineers at EM Engineering offers a wide range of service expertise to the environments we support – including but not limited to lift modernisation and replacement, maintenance of playground and fitness equipment, and call centre and operations command centre services.


Providing real estate services across residential, commercial and industrial properties, EM Real Estate brings forth expertise in terms of renting, buying, selling, leasing master tenancy and estate repair services. In addition, we also provide full student accommodation solutions across the island through yo:HA brand.


Built on our Total Quality Assurance framework, EM Learning – our training academy – adopts the latest learning techniques and technologies to raise the competencies and service quality of our people and set the benchmarks for the industry.


Media Contact:
Melissa Goh
Corporate Communications Manager
Email: mjlgoh@www.emservices.com.sg
DID: 6277 8036

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