Reflections on “Getting It Right Together” by Victor Tan Kim Chye
3 September 2018


Reflections on “Getting It Right Together” by Victor Tan Kim Chye

3 September 2018


Reflections on “Getting It Right Together” by Victor Tan Kim Chye

The work and or task assigned may be small and seemingly insignificant but what is important and will matter most is that the work is carried out to the best of one’s ability and with a deep sense of pride in a job well done when completed. Initiative, applying a personal touch, plus unwavering dedication to get the job promptly and professionally done even when faced with challenges and hurdles must be appreciated and appropriately recognised.

Acknowledging and appreciating contributions, no matter how small will help establish a company culture that recognises each and every one for the roles that they play in whatever individual capacity. Recognising contributions even if they appear insignificant in the grand scheme of things and giving individuals a sense of belonging is the key to building a workforce that will readily go the extra mile to help achieve and further corporate goals.

The corporate machinery cannot efficiently operate if the nuts, bolts, gears and motor that make up the machine are not in sync and do not work together in unison. Only when all the relevant components of the machine, big and small, are well-oiled, polished, regularly maintained, and coexist in perfect harmony can the machine work with least resistance, achieve maximum efficiency, generate stellar performance, and produce results desired.

CEO, SGM, GM, manager, executive or general staff, peer or subordinate regardless, all are colleagues working towards achieving the same corporate goals. All work and function as one well-integrated, unified and cohesive unit. Fostering an environment in which there are mutual trust and respect, a sense of corporate family bonding and belonging, and camaraderie where colleagues work and play together will help to reinforce, strengthen, empower, motivate and improve solidarity of the unit.

Willingness to help and assist and share knowledge and creative artisanal skills one with the other will build deeper connections and promote genial working relationships among colleagues. A close corporate family bond that transcends the position one holds helps to alleviate work stress and manage relationships in the work environment. This in turn translates into a happy and conducive working environment and consequently also to greater productivity, a win-win for all.

The most exciting aspect of all the benefits of gratitude is that gratitude costs absolutely nothing and that it can be contagious in a good way.

Gratitude is a selfless act done unconditionally to show to people that they are appreciated and can be most simply defined as the appreciation or acknowledgment of an altruistic act/or an unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

The positive psychology that gratitude radiates increases overall well-being, happiness, and health and consequently decreases levels of depression and anxiety or stress in the work environment or any environment to which it is applied and practised.

When an act of gratitude is shown to a person, that person is motivated in turn to do something gracious in return, or pass on the favour to another person, and or to help others. This exchange of positive emotions creates a ripple “paying it forward” effect that supports a caring work environment and community.

People who express their gratitude tend to be more willing to forgive, quick to listen, slow to anger and less narcissistic (self-centred) and therefore gratitude is also a powerful tool for promoting and strengthening interpersonal relationships, in the workplace among colleagues; at home with family and friends; and indeed in any environment.

We all know that there is a link between the mind and body. The feeling of appreciation when we are grateful helps us to have healthier minds and with that also healthier bodies. Greater harmony and well-being creates a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life and more contented well-adjusted people would then translate ultimately to greater productivity.

Unity is strength … when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek

Camaraderie is a spirit of good friendship or the closeness and loyalty shared among a group of people or a team of people. Developing this team spirit requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths and what would get them excited to work with others and to excel. Team building requires the management of egos and their constant demands for attention and recognition.

Soldiers in times of war form strong bonds during missions in part because they have a common belief in the purpose of the mission, have to rely totally on each other for support, and as a team inevitably share in the good and the bad of each individual action. In short, camaraderie promotes a group loyalty that will result in a shared commitment towards the successful completion of tasks assigned to the team.

As humans, we are drawn to helping one another, naturally want to connect with others, and seek groups/teams to identify with and feel a part of. This is a key driver of our performance. To put it simply, if we feel committed to our co-workers we would also feel a sense of pride when the group is unique as compared with other groups and when the group as a team is successful.

When the team face common challenges and work together to achieve success, how as a cohesive unit the team partnered and embraced differences to overcome obstacles to achieve the success becomes very valuable. Relationship capital is earned when we as co-workers feel a connection and commitment to our peers and share team success together, and this sense of camaraderie becomes part of the corporate culture.

Culture is often overlooked as a business driver because it is an asset without a dollar value. Nevertheless, invest time to fully understand the members of the team to which you belong. Know how each one is wired to think and what motivates them to excel. The fostering of camaraderie within the various echelons of the company will ensure that established standards of performance are constantly being met – and improving at all times.

Our “Vision” is to build an outstanding Real Estate Management and Engineering Services company built on excellence in People, Service, Systems and Innovations and to be ever ready to help create a great environment for All to Live, Work, Learn and Play is our “Mission”. Our Vision and Mission together with our Core Values “Professionalism, Integrity and Care” is in essence our Company culture.

The fundamental principles of Professionalism, Integrity and Care form the unwavering guide all in EM embrace and the Company upholds to shape and reinforce Company culture. They support and reflect what the Company values and govern internal conduct as well as relationships with customers, business partners, stakeholders and shareholders, and also the community.

Other elements of Company culture that are vital include the work environment, ethics, expectations, and goals and, often neglected, the recognition of people that make up the workforce. Building a great company culture can have lasting positive effects that can also have a positive impact on the workplace. Company culture is the personality of the company. It defines the environment in which we work.

What makes our company culture great? Is it that we Anticipate, Innovate and Participate to be ever ready to help create a great environment? Is it that we always put professionalism, integrity and care first and foremost in everything that we do? Or is it the simple belief that each and every person counts and there is a very close-knit team all working hard for the same accomplishments and goals?

Great work-life balance where everyone works hard, play hard and collaborates well together, all the elements of a happy and conducive work environment come together, and there is a sense of cohesion with unity and harmony is the answer to the above and is the foundation for great company culture. In a workplace culture that is very accepting of all peoples and it feels like we are part of one big family, going the extra mile becomes so much easier and second nature.