EM Engineering


We are one of the larger local M&E companies offering a range of building electrical and mechanical engineering services. We also operate an Operations Command Centre which provide call centre, helpdesk, command and control services for our Integrated M&E services.

We are an engineering company with more than 30 years of operation experience. We are known to be proactive in bringing new products and technology into the management of facilities and buildings in the Singapore townships. We have the capabilities to provide services from design to mass deployment. We invest heavily in operations technology e.g. process digitalisation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, to ensure that our operations are efficient and effective in delivering satisfaction to our customers.

Engineering Project Management & Consultancy

We provide project management and consultancy for mechanical & electrical services in a building such as electrical services, pumps and lifts. The services which we offer include condition survey (for capital equipment replacement), technical specifications preparation, and calling of tender and project management. This service is to help our client to procure and optimise the cost of ownership of their M&E assets 

Lift Supply, Install, Maintain & Test / Lift Rescue

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One of the leading vertical transportation service providers in Singapore, we supply, install and maintain lifts under our EM brand. We also carry out lift rescue services and annual inspection of lifts. The maintenance and repair of lifts is carried out by an in-house team of skilled technicians. 

Playground & Fitness Equipment Supply Install & Maintain

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We are the leader in supplying children playground equipment with over 1,000 playground and adult fitness corner installations in Singapore. Our Playground and Fitness Corners are designed and installed for a diverse age group and they meet the latest international safety standards. We are also the largest maintenance and repair service provider for these equipment in Singapore.  

Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) Supply, Install & Maintain

We supply, install and maintain ACMV systems. We carry out cooling plant upgrading or replacement to meet the latest Green Mark requirement. We have an after-sales team to help our clients to maintain the efficiency of their cooling system.  

Electrical Testing & Maintenance Services

We provide electrical inspection services for multiple area such as maintenance of electrical switchboards, inspection and testing of lighting columns services to detect the corrosion, structural soundness of lighting columns and installation of Electrical Vehicle chargers. We also install Electrical Vehicles (EV) chargers in various locations across the island. We help to provide our clients with a peace of mind for their assets with our integrated M&E services. 

Operations Command & Control Services

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We operate a 24/7 call centre equipped with robust IT infrastructure and operating systems with the capability to track and deploy relevant resources, disseminate the necessary information as  a helpdesk service provider and data to customers and their end customers. Our customer service representatives are well-trained in service delivery with standardised operation procedures and databases. Calls are answered within the stipulated customers’ dictated key performance indicators. 

Tradesmen Services

We provide services to attend to the following faults: 

  • electrical related faults to common areas of buildings such as power failure due to tripping and faulty lights 
  • plumbing & sanitary issues in the common facilities e.g. drainage chokages