Contracts & Project Management
Contract & Project Management

Contracts & Project Management

The upkeep, maintenance and improvement of properties, estates and environments are ongoing challenges. Sustaining vibrant communities requires dedication, expertise and importantly, a deep understanding of how living spaces are used and evolved with time.

With a strong focus on systems, technology and innovation, we ensure that quality, timeliness and stringent safety standards are applied to the management of projects and the administration of contracts.

With reliable systems and a team of qualified professionals, we commit to delivering tangible results with reliable cost estimates for projects and on-time delivery, considered within the budget of our clients.

Our Contracts & Project Management (CPM) services ensure that regardless of the scale of your endeavour, whether it is cyclical maintenance or large-scale upgrading and improvement works, your property or estate will be efficiently and professionally managed. CPM is currently registered with BCA under the Public Sector Panels of Consultant in Project Management (PM03) and Quantity Surveying (QS02).

Contract & Compliance Management

With years of experience managing contracts, we have developed a rigorous approach that typically covers the following aspects:

  • Tender specifications will be developed from the design stage and fine-tuned along the way to meet client’s requirement.
  • The site will be surveyed to ensure that the Architect’s design does not contradict the site condition.
  • Upon client’s endorsement, the tender documents consisting of Conditions of Tendering, Conditions of Contract, Specifications and Drawings will be prepared and an open tender will be called.

After the award of contract to the main contractor, the contract document shall form the basis of project supervision to ensure works carried out comply fully with the contract document.

  • Works carried out at site will be certified on a monthly basis before the issuance of the Progress Payment Certificate to the contractor.
  • For any variation work, an approval of Request for the Variation Order (VO) will need to be obtained from the client first before issuing instruction to the contractor to proceed.
  • Upon the certified completion date, a final account will be prepared taking into consideration all variation works.
  • Valuation of the VOs shall comply with the methods as set out in the Conditions of Contract.

Project Management

All our Project Managers are qualified and experienced in handling a large spectrum of projects from inception to end. Our managers will be responsible for ensuring that the project is completed in accordance to specifications, and within the agreed time and budget.

Our Project Managers liaise with contractors, suppliers, architects and other consultants, government agencies, grassroots organisations and client’s representatives to resolve all arising problems.  We take financial considerations seriously and with regards to money matters, our top priority is to ensure there is no overpayment to contractors.

Day-to-day supervision will be carried out by our qualified full-time Resident Technical Officers to ensure works carried out comply with specifications and drawings. Every site inspection is recorded and documented for traceability.

Procurement Management

Procurement is an integral and often sensitive aspect of managing a project. Our longstanding experience coupled with mindfulness of the client’s intent is what sets us apart.

Tenders/ Quotations are called strictly according to the client’s financial rules. Upon closing of tenders, the tender submissions will be evaluated basing on:

  1. Compliance with Conditions of Tendering
  2. Tender price vs cost estimate and market rates
  3. Relevant track record and performance of contractor
  4. Manpower resources and site organizational chart
  5. Financial performance for the last 3 years

We are always mindful with the client’s budget and any contractor recommended must be able to perform to the agreed contractual obligations.

In addition, a tender evaluation report will be put forward to facilitate the client’s approval or selection of contractor for award.  Upon approval, a Letter of Award will be issued to the contractor giving them about one month to prepare the preliminaries before commencing work.