SkillsFuture Employer Awards 2019

July 31, 2019

EM Services was awarded the SkillsFuture Employer Awards 2019. Presented by the President of the Republic of Singapore, the SkillsFuture Employer Awards honour exemplary organisations, which lead the way in championing employees’ skills development and building a culture of lifelong learning in their workplace.

Training has always been an integral part of EM Services since our inception in 1988 – hence, building a strong culture that supports lifelong learning and skills mastery by employees. At EM Services, our hiring practice has always been based on the skills and experience of the candidate. This applies to all our subsidiary companies as well. In the aspect of career progression pathways for employees, employees are assessed based on their work performance (competency-based) instead of seniority-based. At EM Services, we implemented schemes to uplift competencies of our employees and professionals in the industry. Employees are offered to attend up to two courses per year to upgrade their skills in their personal development. An in-house WSQ ATO since 2016 and a Public ATO from 2019, we set up a training arm – EM Learning Pte Ltd – to further train employees and those in the industry. EM Services also participates in the ITE Work-Learn Technical Diploma and Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) to build industry talent. Since the start of PCP for lift technicians, we have trained and converted 32 individuals into certified lift technicians.

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