Juliana Lim

Juliana Lim

Head of Corporate Development & Corporate Communications

Juliana leads the Corporate Development and Corporate Communications teams, driving transformative initiatives for the company. She works in close collaboration with government agencies, institutions, vendors and other stakeholders on R&D and cutting edge technology for township operations.

Juliana earned her Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the National University of Singapore in 1991 and joined EM Services Pte Ltd that same year.

Juliana’s career at EM Services showcased her adaptability, with lateral transfers and promotions across various units, taking on different job roles including facilities management and public relations.

Prior to the latest posting, she played a crucial part in shaping the strategic direction for facilities management in 15 town councils in Singapore as the coordinating Secretary, and represented the town councils on tripartite clusters for the lift & escalator industry, landscape industry, cleaning and waste management and Workplace Safety and Health Council Facilities Management Committee.

Juliana’s journey from graduate to senior leader exemplifies her commitment to excellence, as well as EM’s commitment to grooming talents in the industry.

She believes in giving back to the community and continuing to advocate corporate volunteerism.