Working with the nation’s town councils to create vibrant living spaces – a leader in Township Management, EM Services currently serves 10 of Singapore’s 17 Town Councils.

With 33 years of experience in managing Town Councils, EM Services has developed a deep expertise, understanding and relationship with the townships that we service. 

As part of these communities and spaces, we bring human innovation to bear on all our services so that owners and tenants are able to co-create spaces which are efficient and effective. Leveraging technology and IT systems, we enhance both the systems & facilities management that we do, as well as the training of our staff and technicians in their specific roles and skillsets.



  • GOfm is an integrated system designed specifically to support the strategic, tactical and operational goals of running a smart city/town, facilitating municipal services and building an infrastructure and property assets portfolio.
  • Implementation of GOfm allows operation command centres to receive insightful data analytics that are reported as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive – making meaningful interpretations for problem solving and new initiative implementation. All maintenance works and resources are monitored with real-time updates from officers and contractors. Feedback from residents are captured and delegated to respective staff for follow-up action. With a macro view on officers’ location, GOfm allows for more efficient manpower and resource deployment.
  • GOfm operates on computers, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • For enquiries on GOfm and its future developments, please email

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Town Councils Managed by EM Services

EM Services prides itself as the market leader in township management in Singapore. As the managing agent of 9 out of 17 Town Councils, we embark on many aspects of township management to achieve a quality living environment with well-managed housing estates via an effective township management system. 

Our Town Councils constantly innovate and launch initiatives to enhance quality living and address the needs of our residents with impeccable service rendered to create a positive environment for all to Live, Work, Learn and Play.




“I am extremely impressed by their service. They are true professionals with the right attitude.”

Jennifer Ho
Resident from Jurong West

“My family and I greatly appreciate your team’s great effort and speedy service. They patiently combed through loads of rubbish and were able to locate the sneakers. I sincerely wish to give your team a round of applause for their kind assistance and patience!”

Mrs Quek
Resident from Woodlands Drive

“The lift is clean and it smells pleasant now. The town council is really efficient in responding to my feedback. I appreciate the dedication and extra mile the team took to make huge improvements to the cleanliness of my block.

Ms Yap
Resident from Tampines

Contracts & Project Management

The upkeep, maintenance and improvement of properties, estates and environments are ongoing challenges. Sustaining vibrant communities requires dedication, expertise and importantly, a deep understanding of how living spaces are used and evolved with time.

With a strong focus on systems, technology and innovation, we ensure that quality, timeliness and stringent safety standards are applied to the management of projects and the administration of contracts.

Our Contracts & Project Management services ensure that regardless of the scale of your endeavour, whether it is cyclical maintenance or large-scale upgrading and improvement works, your property or estate will be efficiently and professionally managed.


Procurement Management

Procurement is an integral and often sensitive aspect of managing a project. Our longstanding experience coupled with mindfulness of the client’s intent is what sets us apart. 

Tenders/ Quotations are called strictly according to the client’s financial rules. Upon closing of tenders, the tender submissions will be evaluated basing on:

  1. Compliance with Conditions of Tendering
  2. Tender price vs cost estimate and market rates
  3. Relevant track record and performance of contractor
  4. Manpower resources and site organizational chart
  5. Financial performance for the last 3 years

We are always mindful with the client’s budget and any contractor recommended must be able to perform to the agreed contractual obligations. 

In addition, a tender evaluation report will be put forward to facilitate the client’s approval or selection of contractor for award.  Upon approval, a Letter of Award will be issued to the contractor giving them about one month to prepare the preliminaries before commencing work.

Call Centre Services

We operate a 24/7 call centre equipped with robust IT infrastructure that has the capability to take in cases (calls) on behalf of our customers and to deploy the relevant technical resources to resolve issues faced by the clients of our customers. We have the system to track all incoming calls, drop call rates and voice recordings to help in the improvement of our service quality. Our Customer Service Representatives are well-trained in quality service delivery with proper standard operation procedures to ensure that we are consistent in our service delivery.


Operations Command Centre

Our Operations Command Centre has the ability to analyse and predict trends that might arise and at the same time, provide recommendations before the occurrence of any potential issues. The implementation of the system improves the efficiency level of a town council and enhances the town council’s overall performance and service quality.


Operations Command Centre

  • Acts as a master control centre to track any breakdowns and maintenance in the estates
  • Data will then be used to analyze the trends and the team will be able to conduct predictive monitoring and provide recommendations for improvements.


Lift Management & Maintenance

Our team of skilled professionals manages and maintains over 2,200 lifts in HDB estates. In recognition of our impeccable track record, HDB has made us a pre-qualified contractor for the supply and installation of lifts in HDB buildings. 

Test and commissioning are done by a team of in-house specialists. Our specialists will ensure that our lifts perform to the required specifications.

Safety awareness is one of the behaviours we try to inculcate in our employees. We are an OSHAS 18001, SS506 certified company and bizSAFE Star company. All our technicians are trained to work at height and to work safely at site. Our Supervisors are trained in Risk Assessment and they will be able to carry risk assessments of their teams’ work before the official commencement of work. In addition, we have a team of safety managers and coordinators who continuously guide and train our employees to ensure that safe work practices are observed at all times. Our safety managers regularly conduct site audit to ensure we are fully compliant to workplace health and safety requirements.

To ensure that our safety practices are consistent throughout our processes, we also insist that our sub-contractors have at least a bizSAFE 3 certification.

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